Vox early 60s 'wide' guitar pickup

Single coil unit, as used on the very earliest Vox guitars

Some guitars fitted with this pickup

1961 Vox Stroller
Fitted to a very early 1960s Vox Stroller. This pickup is rather similar to the slightly later Vox V1 pickups used on many UK Vox guitars, but has slightly different dimensions; whilst the V1 is made to metric measurements (20mm x 75mm), this is imperial at 1" x 3" (25.4mm x 76.2mm), but also a little shallower; the cover is slightly convex, but has a maximum depth (in the centre) of 8.4mm (1/3") - compared to 12.5mm of the V1. So this pickup is noticeably wider and a shade longer. Also, a lot (but by no means all) of V1 pickups had a Vox logo; these late 50s/early 60s units never did.

This unit also appears on early British guitars by other manufacturers: who actually produced these pickups is not clear. The height of the pickup cover is 5/16" giving a total height of 3/8". Although this pickup and the later Vox V1 are broadly similar in construction, there are some differences: the V1 has a shaped, one-piece baseplate that includes mounting tabs, whilst these pickups have a separate bar attached to the bottom. The distance between mounting holes is approximately 88mm on both pickups however. The pickup is mounted to the scratchplate with two screws through the mounting bar. The chrome cover is not fixed to the rest of the pickup, it simple lifts off to reveal the coil below. This is really as simple as guitar pickups get. The coil of wire, covered in cloth and wax to prevent movement, is wrapped around a central magnet, the whole thing sitting upon the base-plate. This one is quite square - other examples of this pickup I have seen have far more curved corners. Compare this with the later Vox V1 that follows the same basic design.

List of Vox guitar pickups

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