Hagstrom eight-string bass, Vox Cheetah semi acoustic guitar with built in effects, Gibson EB3 bass
Hagstrom H-8 eight-string bassVox CheetahGibson EB3
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Vox electric solidbody guitars

Instruments manufactured by Vox

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Vox produced solid body guitars in the UK from 1961 until 1967, in Italy between 1965 and 1969, and Japan from 1969 onwards. Different guitars were available to different markets at different times. Initially JMI-made instruments were exported worldwide, but the Dartford plant could not fill demand. From the mid 1960s US guitar stores were stocking Vox guitars made in Italy by EME - a consortium made up of JMI, Thomas Organ co. and Italian guitar company Eko, whilst British Vox's were still produced by JMI. The two plants made noticeably different guitars.

Vintage Vox solid bodies like the teardrop-shaped Mark VI and the Phantom have made Vox guitars famous, and were produced separately in Britain and Italy, but there were very many lesser-known models produced throughout the 1960s, some of which sold in large numbers, like the Shadow, Stroller and Clubman, whilst some are incredibly rare, like the Apache and Scorpion.

The very earliest British instruments bear a remarkable similarity to certain early sixties models made by Fenton Weill; it is not clear whether these were manufactured by them, or a third company produced for both. Supposedly, Two UK funiture manufacturers (Stuart Darkins and then later, G-plan) produced Vox bodies and necks which were then assembled with Vox electronics at the Vox Dartford factory. It is tempting to suggest the differing models with the same names shown in the 1962 Vox Catalogue and 1963 Vox Catalogue represent the work of each company, although this is pure conjecture. Certainly Vox solid bodies were being produced at Dartford by 1965, at least to some extent. Certainly numerous prototypes and test models were made including the one-off Vox Kensington made for the Beatles.

Some of these guitars, both British and Italian, were fitted with built-in electronic effects, and it is perhaps these as much as anything that give Vox guitars their distinctive sounds.

Vox Mark VI Special
Vox Bassmaster
Vox Stroller
Vox Ace
Vox Shadow with original case
Six string
Vox SB1
Vox SB2
Vox Stroller V201
   1961 Vox Stroller Guyatone LG-50 style
   1963 Vox Stroller Guyatone LG-50 style
   1966 parts list
Vox Clubman V203
   1963 Clubman II
   1966 parts list
Vox Ace V205
   1962/3 Vox Ace
   1963 Vox Ace
   1965 Vox Ace
   1966 parts list
Vox Super Ace V206
   1966 parts list
Vox Shadow V208
   1963 Vox Shadow Guyatone LG-50 style
   1963 Vox Shadow
   1964 Vox Shadow | Soundclips
   1966 parts list
Vox Phantom VI V209
Vox Soundcaster V211
Vox Consort V212
   1963 Vox Consort
   1966 parts list
Vox Apache
Vox Dominator
Vox Duotone
Vox Escort
Vox Holborn
Vox Soloist
Vox Scorpion
Vox Phantom Mark III
Vox Mark VI V222
Vox Mark VI Special
Vox Meteor V233
Vox Hurricane V234
Vox Spitfire V235
Vox Bulldog V241
Vox Super Meteor V242
Vox Harlem V244
Vox Thunderjet V260
Vox Delta V261
Vox Invader V262
Vox Marauder
Vox Marauder Special
Vox New Escort
Vox V.G.2

Nine string
Vox Mark IX V231
Vox Scorpion

Twelve string
Vox Bouzouki
Vox Phantom XII V221
Vox Mark XII V223
Vox Tempest XII V230
Vox Phantom XII Stereo V246

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