Vox Super Ace Parts List 1966

A list of components used in the Vox Super Ace guitar

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The Vox Super Ace guitar was a three-pickup version of the more regularly seen Vox Ace; it shared the same body and neck design, and hardware, although it was fitted with one extra V2 pickup. It was produced by JMI, largely for the British market, where it was given a model reference number of 240 - though instruments imported into the US by American distributors, the Thomas Organ Company were given the code V-2-6 or V206.

This parts list was issued by the Thomas Organ Company, and applies to later versions of the Super Ace imported from the UK - many of the parts listed below will not fit the earliest UK versions.

British-built Vox guitars sold in the UK did sometimes differ slightly from those exported. The control knobs, for example, were regularly black plastic on UK-sold Super Aces, but metal, on export models as mentioned on the parts list below.

Follow the links in the document, to see further details of individual parts, or see other Vox parts lists/component details here.

1966 Vox Super Ace parts list
Vox (JMI) metal control knobs Vox (JMI) V2 pickup Vox (JMI) black plastic control knobs Vox De Luxe tremolo

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