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1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalogue page 1, Yesterday / Today / Tomorrow


Over more than three quarters of a century, Gibson has established a reputation and heritage, second to none. From Orville Gibson's one man workshop in 1894 and a Company with only 13 employees in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1902, Gibson has expanded steadily and dramatically through the years.

History has recorded many instances of individual achievements that lasted only a short time, then died with the individual- Gibson has maintained and passed on a respect and acclaim for its products that has grown from generation to generation. When the demand or needs changed, Gibson has led the way by introducing countless FIRSTS in the Fretted Instrument Field that have been widely copied and imitated.

The unparalleled love and respect for its products throughout the music world has been earned by proven quality, expert craftsmanship, great performance, remarkable durability, and excellent service.

Gibson's research, dedication, and close affinity with players from all walks of life has enabled it to provide by far the greatest variety of fretted instruments and accessories to fit the changing times and individual needs.

Players, Historians, and Authors, from all parts of the globe are writing in detail about certain individual Gibson product lines and about the people that have had a hand in bringing about this unusual and romantic appeal. Reprints of older Gibson catalogs and pamphlets are being published and are selling like hot cakes. The requests for information about Gibson and its products is so continuous and unabated that it is practically unreal!

Certain Gibson mandolins, acoustic guitars, mastertone banjos, double cutaway electrics, Les Paul electrics, Flying V's, Explorers, Firebirds and many other models are so much in demand by collectors and players that their values have multiplied beyond belief—some more than 50 times their original prices.

The Gibson name and its heritage has been in the past, is today, and will be tomorrow a most important segment of the history of fretted instruments.

Julius Bellson, Gibson Historian May 12,1978

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