The Les Paul Custom

1978 Gibson Quality/Prestige/Innovation catalogue, page 3

1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalogue. Page 3 - The Les Paul Custom

The Les Paul Custom sold very well in 1978; over 10850 units (the previous highest year was 1972 with 8300, and the previous year had been just 3100). The vast majority coming from regular two pickup Customs, almost half of which sported an ebony finsh.

In previous years, only one Les Paul Custom was listed, however in 1978, Three seperate customs were shown (two on this page, one on page 4. There was the regular two pickup Custom (available with gold or, for the first time nickel, parts), the fifties-style three pickup, which had been available in the early seventies by special order, but was available here as standard (though only shipped 106 in 1978), and the new maple fingerboard version which had been available from 1977 (only shipped 250 in 1978).

1978 US prices for these models were as follows: Les Paul Custom, 3 pickup: $949; Les Paul Custom, maple fingerboard: $879. (A standard Les Paul Custom was $849 at this time).

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1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalogue page 3 - The Les Paul Custom

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