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Gibson ES-350T and ES-175T

1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalog, page 18

1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalog. Page 18 shows two new thinline models, the ES-350T and ES-175T. The ES-175T was a thinner version (1 3/4" body depth) of the very well-known ES-175D (3 3/8") - even though the incorrect specification is given here. It was only shipped between 1976 and 1979, and although it was included in the January 1979 price list, was not included in any beyond that. It was available in Natural and Sunburst, like the ES-175D, but also Wine Red.

The ES-350T was "reintroduced in 1977 by player demand" - it lasted a few months longer than the ES-175T, making it to the June 1979 price list. This guitar was last shipped in 1963, making it's final catalog appearance prior to reissue in the 1962 Guitars and Amplifiers catalog. The version in that catalog has the pointed Florentine cutaway. The version reissued had the earlier Venetian cutaway, not seen since the 1960 Guitars and Amplifiers catalog.

Neither of these guitars were included in the next (1980) Gibson US catalog.

Shipping numbers were moderate for these two guitars in 1978: 333 ES-175Ts shipped (compared to 475 full body depth versions) and 197 ES-350Ts. US list prices were $799 and $979 respectively.

1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalog, page 18: Gibson ES-350T and ES-175T
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