Gibson advertisement (1974)

Les Paul Designed It. Gibson Makes It

Gibson Les Paul Signature

Gibson advertisement (1974) Les Paul Designed It. Gibson Makes It

Legendary guitarist. Legendary guitar-designer. Les Paul is both. And with the introduction of the new Les Paul Signature Guitar and Bass, the legend's about to grow.
The new Signature is the culmination of 21 years of Les Paul-designed guitars. And it's the first thin-line, semi-acoustic Les Paul ever. Electronically, this instrument is everything you'd expect from the dean of electric guitar players First, there are totally new pickups that reduce noise while delivering exceptional power. Then there's the 3-position tone switch that allows you to tune your guitar to any amplifier for maximum flexibility and sound quality. And finally, if you do any recording, you'll appreciate the two jack outputs Les designed into the guitar. One for you, and one for the engineer. The new Les Paul Signature is not intended for the beginner or occasional player. But if you're a serious guitarist, we think you'll find the new Les Paul far surpasses even your highest standards.

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