Gibson advertisement (1982)

Airborne Again. The original Flying V

Gibson Flying V

Gibson advertisement (1982) Airborne Again. The original Flying V

The Flying V was issued and deleted numerous times since it's inception in 1958, but this was the first really accurate reissue, made from the original African Limba (Korina) wood. Gibson actually had problems sourcing it and production was delayed briefly. Other original features include gold hardware throughout, no stop tailpiece (strung through the guitars body), re-engineered PAF pickups, and the original pointed headstock with 17° pitch.

This reissued Flying V, or Flying V Heritage, as it was correctly known, was demonstrated at the 1982 Atlanta NAMM show.

It broke the sound barrier in '58 with one great leap of imagination. And then defied over two decades of imitation. Now the guitar that reshaped rock and roll is on the wing again, with all the original features - from a Korina wood body to gold-plated hardware that - made it one of the most sought-after collector's items in music history. Each instrument in this limited reissue will be specially serialized to ensure its lasting value. Soar with a legend, The original Gibson Flying V

This advertisement, was also available as a stand alone flyer with an additional fold out flap of specifications, and is reproduced here. Available in Antique natural, Ebony and White finishes.

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