Gibson advertisement (1972)

Jack Bruce basses his sound on Gibson

Gibson Bass guitar

Gibson advertisement (1972) Jack Bruce basses his sound on Gibson

The old ways are over. And Gibson basses are molding a whole new band of musicians for the new sound of music. Today, the bass player is up front sharing the spotlight with the most reknowned lead guitarists

Early seventies Gibson advert featuring Jack Bruce. Despite Jack ironically playing an early 1960s EB3 bass, the text proclaims "The old ways are over". It mentions some of Jack's later bands; Larry Coryell, and West, Bruce and Laing but fails to mention the bass itself! 1972 was not a year of particular inovation with respect to new Gibson basses, but the Ripper and Grabber basses were just around the corner, pehaps explaining the adverts claims

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