Goya advertisement (1966)

Champion in Any League

Goya Rangemaster 109

Goya advertisement (1966) Champion in Any League

Goya guitars had been made in Sweden by Levin and Hagstrom for many years before they launched the new Rangemaster series of electrics in 1966. These were a series of Italian-built semi-acoustic and solid body electrics, each equipped with split coil pickups giving an improved tonal range (hence the Rangmaster name). There were a number of different models, with different body shapes, body woods and finishes. The guitar illustrated is the Rangemaster 109S in Sunburst finish.

This baseball-inspired advert, with it's baseball-derived puns was squarely aimed at the US guitar-buying market, and appeared in Downbeat magazine in mid 1966.
Here's the pitch. Goya have developed a system of split pickups that revolutionize the electric guitar. 4 split pickups out of the usual 2. On one chord you get the total sound range. From the highest treble to the lowest bass.

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