Gibson advertisement (1957)

George Barnes "fascinatin' rhythm"

Gibson ES-150

Gibson advertisement (1957) George Barnes "fascinatin

From the mid-1950s throughout the 1960s, Gibson focused their advertising efforts on specific jazz musicians, and their Gibson electric acoustic guitars. This late fifties ad features American guitarist, George Barnes playing a full-body, non-cutaway Gibson ES-150. Barnes was primarily a swing jazz guitarist, but played on numerous studio and session recordings, as well as writing some of the earliest guitar method text books. George Barnes was also famous for recording the first (arguably) record using an electric (non-lap-steel) guitar in 1938.

Latest hit recordings with history making guitar solos - the nimble fingers of George Barnes - the easy response of his Gibson. That Gibson peghead is a trade mark of George Barnes, an inseparable partner - and a worthy one.. Gibson builds instruments for stars that must have the finest... and for guitarists with their hopes on that horizon of success

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