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Keith Richards and his Epiphone Casino

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones with his Epiphone in 1964

Paul McCartney playing his right handed Casino strung lefty

Paul McCartney playing his right-handed Casino strung lefty in the studio with the Beatles

Epiphone 1961 'guitars, basses, amplifiers' catalogue

1961 Casino launched, Tremotone vibrato as standard. The earliest examples, and the guitar shown in this catalogue have dot neck marker inlays and black plastic pickup covers. See the 1961 'guitars, basses, amplifiers' catalogue.

Epiphone 1962 'guitars, basses, amplifiers' catalogue

1962 Tremotone now optional. The dot position markers are upgraded to pearl parallelogram inlays, and by late '62 the Casino also had nickel pickup covers. See the example pictured in the 1962 'guitars, basses, amplifiers' catalogue

1962 US prices are as follows:
single pickup E230T $230; dual pickup E230TD $275; with tremotone vibrato E230TV $269.50; E230TDV $314.50

1963 1963 US prices are as follows:
E230T $230; E230TD $275; E230TV $269.50; E230TDV $314.50

1964 advertisement for the Epiphone Casino, Sorrento, Sheraton and Rivoli bass

1964 Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones aquired a 1962 Epiphone Casino in May, shortly before the first US tour. His Casino is an early model with black plastic pickup covers and Tremotone vibrola, but with the prallelogram inlays; E230TDV.

It was a great guitar for studio work and clubs. But once we got into theatres and bigger gigs. I found the the feedback and howl of these Epiphones uncontrollable, and I started to go for solidbodies, like the Les Paul

Epiphone 1964 full line catalogue

See the 1964 full line catalogue

1964 US prices are as follows:
E230T $260; E230TD $310; E230TV $299.50; E230TDV $349.50

1965 George Harrison and John Lennon are given Epiphone Casinos

1965 US prices are unchanged from 1964:
E230T $260; E230TD $310; E230TV $299.50; E230TDV $349.50

Epiphone 1966 full line catalogue

1966 See the Epiphone Casino in the 1966 Epiphone catalogue

In late 1966 Cherry finish was listed as available for order on two pickup Casinos, at $15 extra
1966 US prices are as follows - note the single pickup vibrato model is no longer listed, with the last shipping in 1967:
E230T $285; E230TD/E230TDC $335/350; E230TDV/E230TDVC $375/390

1967 Cherry finished Casinos shipped for the first time. 1967 price lists now list Cherry and Sunburst finishes at the same price.

Peak production of over 1800 instruments shipped.

1967 US prices:
E230T $295; E230TD/E230TDC $365; E230TDV/E230TDVC $395

1968 The single pickup Casino is no longer listed in price lists, and the final 6 are shipped this year.

1968 US prices:
E230TD/E230TDC $395; E230TDV/E230TDVC $425

1969 Lowest number of instruments shipped since the models launch in 1961 - the Casino was discontinued

Norlin took over ownership of CMI (and Epiphone) in December, moving production to Japan.

Epiphone 1976 Casino

1976 The reissue Epiphone Casino was first advertised in Japan as early as 1976

Epiphone 1982 Casino

1982 Reissue available in Antique Sunburst and Wine Red finishes. Japanese made

1997 Current reissue available in Cherry, Ebony, Natural and Cherry Sunburst. Korean made

1999 Two John Lennon signature models released - the 1965 Casino - based on Lennon's original guitars, and the Revolution Casino - based on the same guitar Lennon stripped fin the late 1960s

2003 Current reissue Elitist Casino - available in Vintage Sunburst and natural

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