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Epiphone 1962 catalogue page 5

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Epiphone 1962 full line catalogue, page 5. Details of the Epiphone Riviera (E360TD) and Professional (EA7P).

These guitars were two of the later additions to the (Kalamazoo-built) Epiphone line, and this was their first US catalogue appearance. The Riviera was the Epiphone equivalent to the Gibson ES-335. The professional outfit was an amp with all controls built into the guitar. Only 396 Professional guitars were shipped, the last in 1966.

Both guitars shown have the 1962-63 headstock shape - as used on Epiphone guitars prior to their aquisition by Gibson - by the next 1964 catalogue both would have the new 'widened top' or 'cola bottle' style headstock.

1962 launch prices for these instruments were $325 for the Riviera and $495 for the Professional outfit. The Riviera was only listed in Royal Tan at this stage. Royal Tan was a simple two colour red-yellow sunburst, often described today as 'ice tea' burst.

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1962 Epiphone full line catalogue page 5 - Epiphone Riviera and Professional

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