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From the 1966 Epiphone catalogue - A natural development of the electric guitar was the solid body instrument... both guitar and bass. Contributing no acoustics of it's own, it's music is all produced by the pickups and the amplifier. This instrument was becoming popular with artists in the late forties and early fifties/ then, the age of "Rock and Roll" came into being and for music with a beat, the solid body had no equal. It is now used as a lead guitar in combos and bands across the country, and is uniquely a product of the age of electronics. Epiphone is proud to present solid body instruments that offer the depth, the sharp treble, the biting tone and the virility that all guitarists seek from a solid body instrument.

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Vintage 1968 Epiphone Olympic Sunburst

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Epiphone 50th Ann. 1962 Crestwood Custom w/Case And COA

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Epiphone 1965 Vintage Burst Dual Pickup Olympic Body & Neck

Current price: $469.99
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Time left: 13d 22h 1m
Epiphone 1966 Cherry Wilshire Body & Neck

Current price: $879.99
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Time left: 18d 4h 16m

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