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Cover of the 1965 1966 Fender catalogue. This twelve page publication was included in a July 1965 issue of Down Beat magazine. The cover shows a collage of guitar part images (a key describing all of these parts appears on page 2) - and the phrase 'Quality instruments are the total of their quality parts'. This phrase is very interesting, underlining the contrast in ethos of Fender, and it's main American rival Gibson. For Fender, the assembly of these 'quality' parts is irrelevant, only the parts themselves. The level of craftsmanship (or lack of) of the staff working the assembly lines is irrelevant in comparison to the parts themselves. Gibson, of course, would disagree, regarding the actual construction (set necks, fancy inlays etc) being every bit as important as the parts themselves.

1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog front cover
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