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Gibson BB King Custom and Standard

BB Kings signature model, "Lucille"

BB King on the cover of the 1975 Gibson Thinline catalogue
BB King on the cover of the 1975 Gibson Thinline catalogue playing an ES-355TDSV
BB King Custom Lucille

Bluesman BB King had been endorsing Gibson guitars throughout the 1960s and 70s, but it was not until 1981 that his signature "Lucille" model was finally available. In fact King had been playing the existing top-of-the-range thinline, the ES-355TDSV for quite some time (he talks about the stereo 355 here) but would stuff paper into the f-holes to reduce feedback. The BB King Standard and BB King Custom had no f-hole.

The first mention of a signature model appears in an article about BB from the Gibson '79 promotional magazine:

One name is always associated with him, though. It's Lucille. From the beginning, B.B. King has played Gibsons. He has made the Gibson ES-3S5 famous. He now plays a custom model that Gibson made specially for him, it is called Lucille and is one of a kind. As he did more than 30 years ago, B.B. King helps make the Gibson name great.

The BB King Custom and Standard were first included in price lists in April 1981, alongside the ES-355TDSV. The list price of the Custom was $1789, followed by the ES-355TDSV at $1599, finally the BB King Standard at $1389. The first two had gold-plated hardware, block inlays, and ebony fingerboard and a varitone control, the latter was simpler, with chrome hardware and dot inlays. The the final inclusion in a price list of the ES-355TD SV was 1st January 1982 however, and in many ways the BB King Custom "Lucille" superceded it. These were expensive guitars, but were produced to a very high standard at the legendary Gibson Kalamazoo plant, in Michigan, USA.

The precise differences between these three models are summarised below.

(1981 model)

BB King Custom

BB King Standard
Available 1958-1981 1981-1985 1981-1983
Body Maple top, back and sides Maple top, back and sides, no f-holes
Neck Laminated maple, ebony fingerboard, block inlays Laminated maple, rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays
Frets 22
Scale 24 3/4"
Hardware Gold plated: TP6 bridge, Gibson humbuckers, 6 position varitone, "Crank" machine heads Chrome plated: TP6 bridge, Gibson humbuckers, "Crank" machine heads

Once the BB King Standard was dropped from the line in 1984, the price of the Custom was slashed to just $1499, but still a hefty price for the early 1980s.

Catalogue Appearances

1981 Rosetti (UK) Gibson catalogue The BB King Custom and Standard were shown alongside the ES-355TD-SV in the 1981 Rosetti Gibson catalogue produced for the UK. 1983 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue Only the BB King Custom makes an appearance in the 1983 Gibson catalogue.

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