Gibson ES-150DC full-body electric acoustic

1969 Gibson promotional sheet

ES-150DC description | 1969 promotional sheet

A showstopper from Gibson featuring exclusive double Venetian Cutaway, in a full, hollow bodied archtop guitar

Promo sheet for the Gibson ES-150DC from 1969, when the model was introduced. The ES-150 DC, although sharing the same body profile as the ES thinlines (actually fractions of an inch longer and narrower), was by contrast a completely hollow guitar with a full (3") body depth. It shared the same maple top back and rims, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard of the ES-335, but with no central maple block.

Gibson ES-150DC promo sheet

The end of the sixties began a period of electronic innovation for Gibson, with several new instruments launched with very different circuitry launched in 1969 alone: The Les Paul Personal, Les Paul Professional and ES-340TD all launched with expanded control options, beyond the usual volume and tone for each pickup. And the ES-150 DC was another great example. Each pickup had a volume control, but alongside these were a master bass and master treble control. Finally, the guitar came with a master volume. Whilst not as ground-breaking as the new Les Pauls, these differences were certainly useful innovations.

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