Gibson ES-175D 1972 showcase brochure

Gibson's guitar of the month - part 2

Gibson's ES-175D guitar of the month showcase was a four-sided fold out brochure issued in 1972. One side (here) shows an image of the complete guitar with in-depth description of features, whilst this side included covers (front and back), and text detailing the development and history of the guitar.

Gibson ES-175D showcase

The ES-l75-D is already a legendary guitar, one of the first instruments to successfully usher in the electric age of music. As the big band era began to fade, more and more musicians started looking away from purely acoustical guitars, and toward the new electric sounds. In 1949 Gibson introduced the original ES-175. This guitar was designed to bridge the gap between acoustic and electric sounds by offering a blend of both. It was an instant success. Today, you'll still find a lot of established professionals playing that original model ES-l75-D guitar.

The ES-l75 offered a variety of sounds even though it had just one pickup. In l953 Gibson introduced a new version with two pickups, the ES-175-D. The double pickup design made this guitar capable of playing an even greater variety of sounds. There was more sustain too, so the musician could slow down and hold the notes longer.

In 1958-59 the two original design pickups were replaced by Gibsonis new Humbucking pickups. As a result, todayls ES-175—D offers an amazing array of sounds and styles plus its traditionally famous quality. The ES-l75-D was originally designed to give the musician a variety of sounds—acoustic and electric. With this in mind, Gibson's craftsmen were able to incorporate several new unique concepts into it.

The ES-175-D offers a full, natural acoustic sound. The large 3 3/8 inch rim depth allows more room inside the guitar for air to vibrate. This produces a natural mellow tone. And the "f", holes with their precision size and placement, help project this acoustic sound. The ES-175-D even sounds good without amplification.

The musician can achieve a complete variety of electric sounds too with the ES-175—D. By adjusting the individual volume and tone controls plus the controls on his amplifier he can find the specific sound he wants. With the sensitive electric pickups the guitarist doesnlt have to play the string hard to produce a lot of sound. So the strings can sit close to the fretboard without fear of "buzzing". Again, the guitarist gets his choice—a powerful acoustic delivery. Or a light electric touch.

It's this unique blend of sounds and features that make the ES-175-D one of the most popular guitars ever. And since its first beginnings in l949, the ES-l75-D has continued to grow more and more popular year after year.

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