1960 Gibson publicity sheet

Feature guitars for the summer selling season: Gibson Melody Maker, Gibson ES-125TC

This promotional page from the July / August 1960 issue of Gibson publication Gibson Gazette announces the launch of two new guitars that would remain in the Gibson line throughout the 1960s: the solid-body Gibson Melody Maker, and the thinline electric acoustic Gibson ES-125 TC.

The Melody Maker, in particulary, was aimed at student guitarists, with an initital price just below $100, and regular scale or 3/4-size models for younger players with smaller hands. It was also available as a dual pickup instrument

Now the Gibson Melody Maker can be ordered with two pickups! Offering much greater variety of sound and tonal colouring, the double pickup Melody Maker should stand out as a value leader in the solid guitar field. You'll thrill to the richer sound - at such a small price

The ES-125 TC was perhaps a more serious instrument; Gibson's entry-level model in the thinline series, but a guitar built and finished to the same professional standards as other Gibson instruments very many times more expensive. It was available as the single pickup ES-125TC and the dual pickup ES-125TDC.

Both of these guitars were first included in the 1960 Gibson catalogue pictured.

This thin, very light weight guitar is ideal for the professional or student who requires fine quality and top performance in a popular priced instrument

1960 Melody maker and ES-125TC promotional page

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