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Gibson SG-II

Early 1970s solid body electric guitar

1973 electric solid bodies catalogue

The SGII was only included in one piece of US Gibson publicity, the 1973 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies brochure.

It was described as follows:

Hardwood, solid body construction; double cut-away; buffed and polished, high lustre finish; two powerful, new design, Gibson humbucking pickups; volume and tone controls; two slide pickup switches; tune-o-matic bridge with stop tailpiece; laminated neck construction; rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays; chrome plated parts; available in Cherry or Walnut finish; 13 1/8" wide, 16" long, 1 5/16" deep; 24 3/4" scale length; 22 frets

The SGII was part of the new entry level SG guitars first produced in early 1972, in place of the SG200 at produced in time for launch at the Summer NAMM show. It had the same familiar double cutaway SG styling used throughout the sixties, and had the same body size, scale and number of frets as the other members of the SG range at the time; but also a number of distinctly seventies construction features aimed at simplifying manufacture and reducing manufacturing costs: alder body, smaller headstock angle, and scratchplate mounted controls. This was the dual pickup model, and a companion to the single pickup SGI released at the same time. The electronics were simpler than the SG Standard, Custom and Special, having just a master volume and tone, and an on-off slide switch for each pickup. Like the SGI, it was available in Cherry or Walnut finish, with a launch price of $259. A third model, the SGIII was added a few months later, and first included in the September 1972 price list; it was actually identical to the SGII, only with a Cherry Sunburst finish.

All three models in the SGI/II/III triad were included in Gibson US price lists until February 1974, were removed by May 1974 and replaced by the Marauder as Gibson's entry level solid body by 1975. Production did not actually cease completely, with small numbers being shipped right through the seventies. The peak year of production, for all three models was 1973. The complete shipping data is shown below.

1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 total
SG-II Cherry 229 775 446 156 23 1629
SG-II Walnut 173 532 383 165 40 1 3 1 1298

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kevin kratsch Comment left 12th December 2018 22:10:32
I got hold of a 73 SGII from a friend, and i am restoring it. it was one of the last with the mini humbuckers and i am installing a SD jazz set. when complete it will be a wonderful little guitar.

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