Gibson Super 400 CES 1972 showcase brochure

Gibson's guitar of the month - part 2

The Gibson Super 400 CES guitar of the month showcase brochure was issued in 1972. It was a single sheet of paper, folded into four sections. One side (shown below) contained the covers, front and back, and a description of the instruments development, and why Gibson held in such esteem. The other side (here) was a single image of the guitar, labelled with details.

Gibson Super 400-CES showcase

In 1934 Gibson scooped the fretted instrument world. It designed ond created the "Super-400" a super Grand Auditorium size guitar with a distinctive tone all its own. Here is what was said of the acoustical Super-400 at the time of its introduction:

"Every decade has its outstanding creations, a great and inspired leader, an amazing invention, an awe-inspiring building a record smashing horse. Their originality, character, finesse and inherent quality place them far above the ordinary - an inspiration to all that defies duplication in every measure. The Super-400 is an extraordinory guitar in every way. Its full, rich, balanced tone bespeaks its superbly crafted workmanship - its price is a criterion of its quality.

Many such praises hove been bestowed upon the Gibson Super-400 since 1934. Words of wonder, amazement and appreciation for its outstanding tonal performance.

The original Super-400 did not incorporate a cutaway. This instrument was round shouldered at both the bass ond treble sides of the body. Despite this, this musical marvel found its way into leading big bands and orchestras and supplied the "punch" in the rhythm section.

In 1939, the Super-400 took on a new look with the graceful cut-a-way design, now offering access to the upper treble register. Later in 1950, the Super-400 become the Super-4OOCES (Cut-away, Electric, Spanish). Now electric, the musical horizons were limitless. More and more players sought out the S-4OOCES to fulfill their musical dream. Offering the "biggest" sound ever from a guitar, this fretted instrument phenomenon was becoming a legend in its own time.

Todoy, the S-4OOCES enjoys a greoater popularity than ever before. The reason, it has something to offer that cannot be duplicated. That being, a distinctively different sound from any other guitar.

The rich blend of treble and bass response has established a demanding set of standards that have not been equaled. The Super-4OOCES, truly a musical giant of the 20th century.

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