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1965 Gibson promotional sheet

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Trini Lopez Standard description | 1965 promotional sheet

Promo sheet for the Gibson Trini Lopez Standard from around 1964/1965 - when the model was introduced. The text decribes the 'semi-solid' construction; i.e. the central maple block within the hollow body in common with the 335/345/355 series guitars. Like these guitars, the Trini Lopez standard had a maple top, back, sides and mahogany neck, a 16" x 19" body, a 24 3/4" scale and 22 frets. Furthermore they were all fitted with two Gibson humbuckers, with the standard 335 controls of a volume and tone for each pickup, and a three-way (neck/both/bridge) pickup selector switch.

This thinline (1 3/4 body depth") version of the Trini Lopez sold in much higher numbers than the full body (3") Deluxe (see shipping stats). See also the equivalent sheet for the Trini Lopez Deluxe.

Gibson Trini Lopez Standard promo sheet

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