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Gibson Victory MVX

Three pickup "multi-voice" electric guitar


ModelGibson Victory MVX (or MVI0)
PickupsA "Magna Plus" special design magnet/iron loaded humbucker in the neck position, a "Magna Plus B" at the bridge, and a "Super Stack" humbucker in the middle
ElectronicsPassive. One volume and tone control. Five position "blade" pickup selector switch (neck, neck and bridge, middle, middle and bridge, bridge), coil tap switch for single coil/humbucking tonalities (all pickups).
Scale24 3/4"
BodyEastern hard rock maple. Length 18 15/16", width 13", depth 1 3/4"
NeckThree-ply maple neck with Madagascan ebony fingerboard. Offset pearl dot inlays. White binding. 14 degree peghead pitch. MV-10 truss rod cover.
HardwareChrome plated throughout. New design top-adjust tune-o-matic bridge with interchangeable nylon or brass inserts
FinishesCandy Apple Red
Antique Cherry Sunburst
Twilight Blue

The controls of the Victory MVX guitar
For detailed information on the controls, and pickups of the Victory MVX, please see page 16-17 of the Gibson Victory MV owners manual

The Gibson Victory MV X ( and the dual pickup MV II, both part of the part of the Victory series alongside the Victory bass) was designed by Chuck Burge of Gibson's research and development department in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Chuck built the prototypes and show models, but the main production of basses iimmediately moved to Nashville. The earliest MV guitars were built in Kalamazoo, but by late 1981 these too had moved south.

The MVX was described as follows...

The incredible Victory MV 10 produces a myriad of separate and distinct electric guitar tonalities; those voices that fill all the neds and requirements of the dedicated guitarist, and some that you have never heard before!

The Victory guitar bodies and neck/headstocks are crafted entirely of eastern hard rock maple

This produces an incredibly brilliant sustaining tone, because of that material's superior mass and density characteristics.

In order to be in the same window frame as the Fender Stratocaster, the MVX pickups were specially designed to replicate single coil tones aswell as Gibsons characteristic humbucker tones.

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locky Comment left 24th March 2013 21:09:56
One of the best Gibsons for the money IMHO. I need humbuckers for a MVX restoration, just neck and bridge. How different are these from early 80s dirty fingers. Or are they the same? Seriously underated guitar BTW.

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