Gibson ES-175 and Gibson ES-135

1958 Gibson Electric Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 10

Gibson 1958 electric guitars and amplifiers catalogue. Page 10. Details of the Gibson ES-175 and ES-135 guitars. The dual pickup version of the ES-175, the ES-175D appears on the previous page. Interestingly, the ES-175 pictured here (but not the previously shown dual pickup version) is still fitted with a single coil P90 pickup, despite the mention of a humbucker in the accompanying text. 1958 was a transition year, and the change from P90s to PAF humbuckers may have been gradual. It is not at all uncommon for Gibson guitar catalogues to use outdated illustrations.

The ES-135 is rather similar to the ES-125 shown on the next page - with the exception of block, rather than dot neck inlays. This difference was not enough to justify it's continued production, and this was it's final catalogue appearance.

1958 zone 1 US prices: ES-135 $175; ES-175 $235 ($250 natural finish)

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1958 Gibson Electric Guitars and Amplifiers Catalogue page 10

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