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1960 Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 20

Gibson 1960 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 20. Splash page for the section on Gibson Amplifiers.

Featuring well known session musician Tony Mottola playing a Gibson ES355TD-SV. Mottola was a Gibson endorsing artist for some years in the early 1960s, being pictured with a range of different Gibson amplifiers. Here he is shown with two models, the GA-77 Vanguard and GA-88S stereo. Compare this image to the equivalent in the 1962 Gibson catalogue with just the Vanguard, or this early 1963 advertisement, using a similar image, from the same photo-shoot, but with a newer version of the Vangaurd, the Crestline series GA-77RVTL.

Although the guitar pictured is described as the ES-355T, the stero circuitry and varitone are mentioned in the text - it can only be assumed that this page was prepared at a point in 1959 before the model designation ES-355TD-SV was widely is use.

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1960 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - page 20 - section start: amplifiers. Featuring Tony Mottola

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