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1960 Gibson guitars and amplifiers - page 35

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Gibson 1960 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 35. Details of three Gibson classic acoustic guitars, the C-1, C-2 and Richard Pick C-6. These guitars are smaller than the jumbos seen on the preceding pages, with a body width of just 14 1/4".

Despite looking rather similar at firstglance, these three models did differ to varying extents, particularly the C-6. All had a spruce top, the C-1 and 2 with mohogany back and sides, the C-6 with rosewood back and sides. The C-6 also had an ebony fingerboard, as opposed to the rosewood of the other two models.

The C-1 was quite affordable at $110 - broadly in line with the LG flat top models seen on the previous page. The C-2 was $195, whilst the very fine C-6 $325.

The finest in classic guitars, developed in co-operation with and named for Richard Pick, the famous American classic guitarist. Choice pretested woods, a scientically designed tone-chamber, a hand sculptured neck, and separate hand-crafted parts help make the custom C-6 the masterpiece it is.

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1960 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - page 35 - Gibson C-1, C-2 and C-6 classic guitars

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