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1962 Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 14

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Gibson 1962 guitar and amplifier catalogue. Page 14. Details of the Super 400 CES and Johnny Smith guitars; two very fine carved archtop hollow-body jazz boxes. This was the first catalogue appearance of the Johnny Smith; part of a larger series of Artist-inspired jazz guitars, also including the Barney Kessel (see page 7) and the Tal Farlow, which was listed in price lists of this time, but didn't quite make it into this catalogue. The Johnny Smith outlasted these other models by many years, and was included in the Gibson line right through the 1980s.

These were Gibson's top instruments priced accordingly. 1962 zone 1 prices (USA) were: Super 400 CES $825 ($850 natural finish), Johnny Smith $795 ($810 natural finish).

The Super 400 shown has the pointed Florentine cutaway - compare this guitar to the example pictured in the 1960 Gibson catalogue with it's rounded Venetian-style cutaway. The Florentine cutaway remained throughout the 1960s, finally regaining the Venetian circa 1969.

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1962 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - page 14 - Gibson Super 400 CES and Johnny Smith jazz guitars

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