Gibson EB0, EB3 and EB6 bass guitars

1962 Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 16

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Gibson 1962 guitar and bass catalogue. Gibson electric bass guitars. The Les Paul guitar range was remodelled in 1961 with the iconic SG body shape; and this was extended to the Gibson bass range too. The EB0 solid body bass had previously had the old Les Paul Junior double cutaway shape, but now it was also joined by two more SG models, the two pickup EB3 and a short-lived six string model, the EB6. In fact the description of the EB-6 here still describes the older hollow-body (EB-2 style) construction; the change to a solid body happened sometime during 1962.

The new EB-0/EB-3 were a success and sales increased immediately. This was, then, the first catalogue appearance of the Gibson SG basses that would remain in the Gibson range throughout this decade and the next.

Another model, the EB-0F was soon to join the line, and although produced just a little too late to appear in this catalogue, was listed in price lists of 1962

1962 zone 1 USA prices were as follows: Gibson EB-0 $210, EB-3 $310, EB6 $325

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1962 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - Page 16 - Gibson EB0, EB3 and EB6 bass guitars

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