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1962 Gibson Guitar and Bass Catalogue Page 17

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Doug MacKinnon

Gibson 1962 Guitar and Bass catalogue. Page 17. Doubleneck instruments were available only by special order from the Gibson custom instrument department in the main Gibson Kalamazoo plant. Two models are described here, the Gibson Double 12 EDS-1275 (a twelve string and a six string guitar) and Double Mandolin EMS-1235 (a mandolin and a six string guitar).

By the time this catalogue was printed and circulated the range underwent a major redesign, changing from the hollow-body construction described here, to the SG-style mahogany solid body. Although it was not developed in time for inclusion in this catalogue, a double neck guitar/bass with built-in fuzztone was also listed in 1962 price lists; the Double Bass EBSF-1250. See the See the 1964 catalogue. The images used here are unchanged since the 1958 catalogue.

In 1962, only 1 EBS-1250 Double Bass, 6 EDS-1275 Double 12 and 3 EMS-1235 Double Mandolins were shipped.

The zone 1 US prices listed in the 1962 literature is as follows: EDS-1275 $600, EMS-1235 $600.

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1962 Gibson Guitar and Bass catalogue page 17 - Double 12 and Double Mandolin

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