Low impedence transformer instructions / Les Paul Personal specifications

1969 Gibson Les Paul Personal / Professional owners manual - page 5

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As low impedance models, the Les Paul Personal and Les Paul Professional guitars required a special low impedance guitar amplifier for normal operation - or, if using a normal guitar amp, an additional low impedance transformer was required, to prevent a loss of level.

This page also describes the function of the Personal's built-in microphone. A stereo instrument cable was required in order to split the guitar signal from the voice before amplification.

The detailed specifications of the Les Paul Personal are also listed, with recommended string heights (action) on the following page. Gibson suggested string set E-340 and stereo cable CRD-1469. The woods listed for this guitar are British Honduras mahogany for the body and neck, ebony for the fretboard and white holly as a headstock veneer.

Interestingly the suggested string set is not the same as for the Professional - set E-340 is medium gauge nickel "sonomatic" .012-.056 with a wound 3rd.

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1969 Gibson Les Paul Personal / Professional owners manual - page 5

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