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1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 6

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1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 6 - Gibson Melody Makers

Gibson Electric Solid Bodies 1970 Electric Solid Bodies catalogue. Page 6, details of the Gibson Melody Maker range, the one pickup Melody Maker, the two pickup Melody Maker D (pictured) and the three pickup Melody Maker III.

The Melody Maker range was offered exclusively in Walnut finish in 1970 - actually the whole SG range was available in Walnut - it was very fashionable for several years around the turn of the decade and into the seventies. Previously these models were soley shipped in Pelham Blue or Sparkling Burgundy - see the Melody Maker in the 1968 'it goes where you go' brochure.

Melody Maker sales had dropped considerably compared to the peak years of the mid 1960s. This was the last catalogue appearance (until their return with modern day reissues); the next solid body catalogue (1972) introduced a new series of popularly priced SGs, the SG100, SG200 and SG250.

Have a closer look at a Walnut Melody Maker-D

The greatest value ever in a solid body electric. Acclaimed by players, teachers and students for it's distinctive sound, sensitive pickups and featherlite touch. The MM-D features full-sized neck and scale length

The US zone 1 prices for the Melody Maker/MM-D were $195/$225 in March 1970, rising to $225/$250 in September 1970. The Melody Maker-III was priced at $245 in March and was not listed in September

At $195, the single pickup Melody Maker was the least expensive electric guitar offered by Gibson in 1970. See also the twelve string MM-12 on the next page.

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