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Gibson low impedance brochure. Control details of the Les Paul Recording guitar and the Les Paul Triumph bass are shown on the back page of this brochure. The controls of both instruments have a lot of similarities, however they are not identical. These guitars had evolved from the Les Paul Personal, Professional, and the Les Paul Bass launched in 1969, and were identical save for the low/high impedance switch. The Recording guitar and Triumph bass could be switched to produce a low or high impedance signal, without the need for a separate transformer, as was the case with the earlier models.

The prime difference between the guitar and bass controls was in the functionality of the tone switch. The volume, bass, treble, and phase controls operated and functioned identically in both instruments, with the six string having an additional decade switch. The tone switch of the bass increased the number of coil turns activated in each pickup, producing a stronger/bassier signal. In the guitar it had a quite different function, activating/deactivating different sections of the control circuitry - allowing huge tonal changes at the merest flick of a switch. For a more concise description, see the Les Paul Recording main page.

For a more in-depth examination of the Les Paul Recording and Triumph bass controls, see the 1971 owners manuals released at the same time as this brochure: LP Recording manual, LP Triumph manual

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1971 Gibson low impedance brochure - page 4

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