Gibson Les Paul Triumph owners manual page 3

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Right hand page of a two-page spread. This page holds the descriptions of the controls of the Gibson Les Paul Triumph bass continued from page 2. Pictured is the neck and headstock of the bass, showing the rosewood fretboard with block position markers, and Schaller M4 machine heads.

Details of the treble and bass controls and tone selector appear on this page. The key difference electronically between this bass and it's sibling model the Gibson Les Paul Recording guitar lies in the function of this tone switch. The Tone switch (going from positions 1-3) reduces the number of turns active in the pickup coils. As such the treble and bass controls work as expected in all tone selector positions. The recording guitar actualy removes the treble and bass controls from the circuit in positions 1 and 3. See the corresponding Les Paul Recording manual for more.

Interesting tonal blends can be achieved when using treble and bass controls simultaneously. You can preset the desired amount or treble and increase the bass without affecting treble frequencies. When presetting the amount of bass response, the addition of treble response will not affect the bass tonality. Treble and bass controls may be used with the tone selector, phase and toggle switch for additional tonal effects

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1971 Gibson Triumph bass owners manual - page 3

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