1972 Gibson SG100

1972 'solid body electrics' catalogue - page 9

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1972 Gibson SG catalogue page 9

Gibson 1972 solidbody catalogue. Page 9. Details of the Gibson SG100. Introduced to replace the Gibson Melody Maker, this was the first and only US catalogue appearance of the SG100. It was itself replaced by the SG I a year or so later. Unusually for a single pickup SG-style guitar, the pickup is in the neck position, rather than the bridge as in the Melody Maker and Kalamazoo KG1 that preceded it, and the SG-I that followed.

The SG-100 was first listed in the June 1971 price list at $229.50 (US zone 1 26/6/71), then again in November 71 at the same price. It was not included in 1972 price lists.

Two finishes are listed here, Walnut and Cherry. The short production run makes this a comparatively rare model. Around 1500 SG100s were produced in total, with approximately four times as many in Walnut finish as Cherry.

For the serious student that wants responsive tone and rich appearance, the SG100 combines these features with easy playing action. A must for the student that wants to progress rapidly

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