1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue - page 3

Venetian Cutaway ; Specially Mounted Humbucking Pickup ; Controls ; Tailpiece ; 'f' Sound Holes And Select Aged Spruce ; Carved Top And Thin Line Body Design

Gibson 1975 Custom Order & Electric Acoustics catalogue. Page 3. This page highlights some of the great features of the best Gibson guitars: fine woods, skilled craftsmenship, cutting edge design, and innovative electronics.

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1975 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue Page 3

VENETIAN CUTAWAY - This graceful design, originated by Gibson in 1909, offers beauty plus easy access to the upper register. The cutaway is accomplished by the age-old tradition of hand bending the wood with a heated roller.

SPECIALLY MOUNTED HUMBUCKING PICKUP - The J-S guitars powerful Humbucking pickup is mounted to the neck of the instrument. This allows the acoustical body to resonate freely for a rich, full-bodied sound.

CONTROLS - The Howard Roberts Custom has an extremely sensitive tone control. And for extra fine tuning there's a separate midrange control. The volume control is positioned close to the playing area so it's easy to do those "rolls" Howard is famous for.

TAILPIECE - This beautiful gold-plated tailpiece also serves a very functional purpose. It's length is crucial to the overall string tension and scale length. Only the most precision craftsmanship can give the perfect tension and intonation that Gibson is famous for.

"f" SOUND HOLES AND SELECT AGED SPRUCE - The "f" sound hole is a Gibson guitar innovation based on Stradivarius violin construction. The spruce for many Gibson guitars is from trees 450 to 500 years old. Only the finest portion of the tree is used with straight, close, even grains.

CARVED TOP AND THIN LINE BODY DESIGN - Using the principles of fine violin construction, Gibson hand carves and graduates it's guitars to exacting dimensions. This combined with a comfortable thin body, gives the instrument a rich, distinctive tone quality.

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