The Les Paul, and the Les Paul Artisan

1978 Gibson Quality/Prestige/Innovation catalogue, page 2

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1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalogue. Page 2 - two of Gibson's very finest solid body guitars: the handbuilt The Les Paul, and the also-very-fine Les Paul Artisan.

The Les Paul was a short-lived variant and this was it's only US catalogue appearance. It was a true work of art, with a price tag to match: 1978 Gibson US price lists put this model at $3000 - that is three and a half times as much as the Les Paul Custom, and almost twice as much as Gibson's finest carved top electric acoustics the L-5CES and the Super 400 CES.

The Artisan, was still $1039 at this time, not a small sum by any means, and it too was a very special Les Paul, again ornately appointed with gold hardware, but it had a unique 'hearts and flowers' inlay pattern on the neck and headstock. The price list only refers to a three pickup model, whilst this catalogue suggests the availiability of either two (pictured) or three pickup versions.

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1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalogue page 2 - The Les Paul, and the Les Paul Artisan

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Yuushou Yoshida Comment left 11th June 2012 14:02:57 reply
Thank you for great information about 1978 Gibson guitars. I have 1978 Artisan. I am using your document in my site. Sincerly yours, Yuushou Yoshida