Gibson L5S, SG Standard and SG Firebrand

1981 Gibson (Rosetti, UK) catalogue page 6

Page 6. Image and specifications of the early 1980s versions of the Gibson L5-S, SG Standard, and SG Firebrand electric guitars.

The L5S pictured, in one of the burst finishes, has the new TP6 tailpiece; unchanged from the equivalent (1980) US catalogue. Although the model was still included in price lists at least until early 1984, it was not included in the 1983 US catalogue, but it was included in the following 1983 Rosetti brochure.

The SG Standard shown here had changed somewhat over the two decades since its release, but was effectively identical to the example shown in the previous years US catalogue (see here). The third guitar shown here was the model known previously as The "SG" Deluxe - which along with The "SG" Standard was part of the Firebrand series. With the deletion of the Standard in late 1980/early 1981, the name was simplified variously to SG Firebrand (as seen here) but more often The SG Deluxe (as seen in most US price lists for example). This model was not included in another Gibson catalogue, despite remaining in price lists at least up until 1985.

The guitars shown on this page span quite a wide range of pricings: from the quite affordable SG Firebrand at £499, and the mid-priced SG standard at £619 to the top-of-the-range L5S with a 1981 UK list price of £1200 - the most expensive solid-body in the catalogue.

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1981 Gibson (Rosetti, UK) catalogue page 6 - Gibson L5S, SG Standard and SG Firebrand

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