Gibson Paul Firebrand, GGC 700 and EDS-1275

1981 Gibson (Rosetti, UK) catalogue page 8

Page 8 shows two models: The Paul Firebrand and GGC 700, and describes a third, the doubleneck EDS-1275.

The Paul Firebrand, or the "Paul" (Deluxe), as it was also known in the US at this point, was the all-mahogany version of the "Paul", and the only 'Firebrand' Les Paul included in this catalogue. The walnut version, the "Paul" (Standard) was last listed in mid-1980 US price lists.

The GGC 700 was only produced for a brief time in late 1981/early 1982, and this appears to be the only time it was shown or described in a Gibson catalogue. Although only White and Twighlight blue are listed here as finish options, Ebony (black) was also certainly available. In this UK catalogue, it is part of the 'solid body' series... however, in the US this guitar was part of their 'sonex series' - which often leads people to assume this guitar was made of the same resonwood as the Sonex-180 guitars. This is not the case; the GGC 700 had a mahogany body, as mentioned below. The confusion relates to the way Gibson authorised it's products to US dealers. Certain shops were allowed to sell 'sonex series' guitars (ie Sonex-180 and GGC 700) but not the rest of the Gibson line - read more about this here. This distinction does not seem to have applied in the UK, hence the GGC 700's placing away from the Sonex-180 guitars in this catalogue (see page 10).

The 1981 UK prices for these models were as follows: Paul Firebrand, £499; GGC-700, £485; EDS-1275, £1100.

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1981 Gibson (Rosetti, UK) catalogue page 8 -  Gibson Paul Firebrand, GGC-700 and EDS-1275

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