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1983 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue page 20

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Gibson 1983 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 20. The first of a double page spread on the Gibson Victory series of instruments, highlighting the Gibson Victory MV-X. Despite only launching in the second half of 1981, the Victory series was already in trouble. They were fine guitars, well designed with a wide tonal palette, yet they failed to capture the imagination of the guitar-buying public (especially the MV guitars) and only remained in price lists until January 1984. Pictured is the Victory Standard Bass in Silver finish. Today, the colouration of those silver instruments is invariably a metalic green/gold, due to the ageing of the top coat that yellows over time.

For four string players, the Victory Bass is one of the most versatile functional electric bassesGibson has ever made. A full size, long scale instrument which offers today's growing legion of bassplayers a realistic alternative. The Victory bass offers a carefully-crafted fretted or fretless neck with a smooth reosewood fingerboard that is free of the dead spots found in other electric basses.

The Victory bass series also included the Artist and Custom at this time, though only the Artist is mentioned in this brochure. General descriptions are on this page, with specifications of the Standard bass and MV-X guitar appearing on the next page.

The June 1983 list prices of the three Victory bass models were as follows: Standard $649, Custom $749, Artist $849.

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1983 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue page 20 - Victory Standard Bass

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