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Hagstrom Impala

Solid body six string electric guitar

Hagstrom electric guitars | Hagstrom Impala
Hagstrom Condor and Imapala, taken from the 1966 Hagstrom Catalogue
Catalogue appearances of the Hagstrom Impala
1966 Hagstrom catalogue1966 Hagstrom catalogue (Merson, USA)
Hagstrom guitars and basses move people
1968 Hagstrom catalogue1968 Hagstrom catalogue (Unichord, USA)
The fastest playing neck in the world

The Impala six string electric guitar was produced at the Hagstrom plant in Alvdalen, Sweden between 1963 and 1967. It was a well-built guitar, with set neck, and interesting body styling and controls - the eight-switch push-button tone controls give "18 tonal effects" as described in the 1966 Hagstrom Catalogue, whilst the sliding volume control allows for "fast adjustments". Visually stunning in Red Sunburst and Mahogany Sunburst polyester finishes, they certainly do capture the essence of mid 1960s guitar design.

Although there were eight push switches, only seven were really needed, but this allowed the Impala to share the same body routing and components as the Corvette, reducing production costs. The controls were as follows: 3 pickup selectors - none, neck and bridge (black buttons), a tone - dark, mid or bright (red buttons), and mode - solo or accompaniment (blue buttons).

Built in batches typically 100-250 in size, a total of 1123 instruments left the factory, distributed in the United States first by Merson, then Unichord. Each of these batches also included similar numbers of the three-pickup sibling the Hagstrom Corvette/Condor.

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Hagstrom Impalas for sale

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weirdskwid Comment left 24th March 2013 21:09:36
I have a red sunburst Hagstrom Impala for sale, in very clean condition - just like the pic above. Unfortunately I need to sell it though. How much is it worth?
Les Marshall Comment left 27th August 2014 08:08:19
to weirdskwid do you still have impala to sell? Price and condtion,thanks

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