Hagstrom F-12S and H33 twelve string guitars

Hagstrom 1966 guitar and bass catalog, page 10

Hagstrom 1966 guitar catalog, page 10. Left hand side of double page spread. This page gives descriptions of three twelve string guitars produced by Hagstrom in the mid-1960s: the solid body F-12S, the acoustic H-33 and the electric acoustic Hagstrom H-33E.

The sensational Hagtrom 12 string electric guitar Projects the full which quality sound effects of 5 guitars... as pulsatingly excitement, amazingly increased tonal range plus musical fire to your performance

Hagstrom's 12 string folksinger's favourite The 12 string flat top gives pulsating excitement and amazingly increased tonal effects that add a new dimension of sound in combo play, solo or recording

The F-12S, or H-12 as it was known outside the US, was a very sucessful guitar: the flat Hagstrom neck worked particularly well with twelve strings. The body, and the majority of it's hardware is identical to that of the F-200, see pages 6-7. It is listed as available in Red, White, Black and Sunburst finishes on this page - the same as the F-200, though seemingly with the exception of blue.

1966 US list prices for these guitars were as follows: F-12S $229.50, H-33 $275, H-33E $325.

1966 Hagstrom guitar catalog page 10, F-12S and H33 twelve string guitars

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