Hagstrom F200, F300 and F400 bass

Hagstrom 1966 guitar and bass catalog, page 7

Hagstrom 1966 guitar catalog (Merson USA). Page 7. Right hand page (of a two page spread) on the Hagstrom F-200 / H-II and Hagstrom F-300 /H-III guitars and Hastrom F-400 / H-IIB bass. For the accompanying descriptions, see the previous page.

The two guitars share the same basic hardware: bridge, vibrato, pickups and machine heads. All models have the same basic electronics: an on/off switch for each pickup, a mute and tone switch.

Although similar in appearance, the F-200, F-300 and F-400 were a marked improvement on the F-11 and F-B that are listed on the earlier pages of this publication. They had similar shapes, necks and some hardware, but there were some significant differences. Whilst the F-11 and F-B had a ply body, covered with a colored acrylic fascia, the F200/F300/F400 were actually solid birch, with a typical polyester finish, plus a more durable separate output jack. The previous (early 1966) Merson Hagstrom catalog shows these higher-end models with the same 'rounded' pickups and control plate as the F-11 and F-B, but during 1966, the F-200/F-300/F-400 were improved with new rectangular pickups, and more tightly spaced controls with no plate. Actually the F-400 bass shown here is an intermediate, with rectangular pickups, but old-style control plate.

All color options available are shown here: red, blue, black, white and sunburst. Left handed versions of the three-pickup F-300 and F-400 bass were also available, but only in Red, Black and Sunburst finishes.

1966 US list prices for these guitars were: F-200 $195; F-300 $215; F-300 LH (left handed) $235; F-400 $195; F-400 LH (left handed) $215.

1966 Hagstrom guitar catalog page 7 - F200 and F300 guitars and F400 bass

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Fulco Comment left 11th July 2018 16:04:22 reply
Hi, Hi, I'm looking to date this blue Hagstrom II. I heard it's from 1966. Anyway you would know this info? The serial number is: 671331 Thank you in advance for any help.
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 11th July 2018 16:04:53 reply
Yes, that was a batch of 1000 guitars, made by Hagstrom in 1966
James Jordan Comment left 30th November 2013 22:10:11 reply
Hi. I have a Hagstrom III, serial #190125. It looks exactly like the one in the 1966 Hagstrom catalog. Here's a link: http://www.vintageguitarandbass.com/hagstrom/HIII.php It was re-wired three years ago and the original case repaired. Has been played very little since then. Any help with a valuation and dating would be appreciated.
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 30th November 2013 22:10:22 reply
Hi James, the serial number is 190125? That number is not listed in the Hagstrom blue book. Could there be a mistake somewhere?

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Gibson Multi Tool

Gibson Multi Tool

Everything you need to adjust your bridge, truss rod and pickups on a Gibson guitar or bass

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