Hofner President

Hollow body electric guitar

The Hofner President has to be one of the best known vintage guitars produced by the company, in part due to it's success in terms of sales, but also because of it's long production run. The electric version of Hofner's acoustic President was first produced in 1956, some three years after the acoustic, and ran throughout the 1960s. It was still included in Selmer catalogues as late as 1970, but was missing from price lists, certainly by the second half of 1972. The President was very nice full body acoustic; not as ornate as the Committee, but relatively well appointed and certainly one of the better guitars available in late 50s and early 60s Britain.

1965 Hofner President

A nice example of a mid 1960s Hofner President - have a closer look.

The acoustic President was certainly a well-built guitar and shipped in comparatively large numbers; 1950s literature described it as follows: "the table is hand carved from a block of aged, close grained bohemian pine" - electric models typically had a laminated top, although there were exceptions.

It was produced in Germany for Selmer, to be distributed in Britain and the Commonwealth (countries previously part of the British empire: Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc), but was similar to European models 457, and 4570 (thinline). As with any guitar with a long production run, there were numerous changes, some subtle, some less so, in hardware, construction, ornamentation and even body style; whatsmore there were a number of distinct President variants, including a thinline version and a twelve string.

1960 Selmer catalogue

The President was described in the 1960 Selmer catalogue as follows:

Fitted with two Hofner "SUPER RESPONSE" pickups and a double plate "FLICK ACTION" cosole. Body dimensions 20 1/4" x 16 1/2" x 3 1/2". F-holes are bound with white celluloid whilst the edges of the table and domed back are purfled with contrasting black and white lines. Exclusive Hofner "Slendernek", the strongest thinnest Guitar neck ever with internal adjustable Truss Rod. Single machines, heavily engraved, fitted to a head faced with hand-cut mother of pearl marquetry. Compensator tailpiece.

Hofner President Chronology

1953 Acoustic President launched

1956 An electric version of the President is released, fitted with plain black plastic pickup covers

1959 The Hofner President thinline (2" deep body) is released

1960 The necks of most Hofner guitars are now fitted with adjustable truss rods. Toaster pickups.

1961 Hofner 510 510 diamond pickups fitted as standard at some point in 1961.

1963 Hofner 511 staple pickups fitted as standard in 1963.

1965 The florentine cutaway President is first demonstrated to the public in August 1965 at the UK BMI show. See the 1965/66 Selmer catalogue.

1971 Model deleted

Electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1966 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Hofner advertisements

Hofner President - Hofner Have Done The Impossible

Hofner President - Hofner Have Done The Impossible (1966)
They've improved their range of electro-acoustic guitars
Mid sixties ad for four Hofner electro-acoustic guitars: the Verithin 66, new Ambassador, President and Senator

Hofner President - Hofner is Not the Best Guitar in the World But it is By Far the Best in its Class

Hofner President - Hofner is Not the Best Guitar in the World But it is By Far the Best in its Class (1968)
UK magazine advertisement. Not the most expected of advertising claims - but this Hofner guitar advertisement was placed by Selmer, the UK Hofner distributor, who also sold guitars made by Gibson, ...

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Hofner President for sale

1972 Hofner 4578 TZ Sunburst hollowbody with Treble Boost + FUZZ built-in



Add Me to Your Favorite Sellers Olivia's Vintage would like to present this 1972 Hofner 4578 TZ in its original Sunburst finish. It has a great playing neck with good frets. It's all original and 100% complete with the exception of the pickguard, one ferrule for one of the tuning pegs, and the decal with the serial number. A gig bag is included. This Hofner was made in Germany and has built-in Treble Boost and Fuzz effects. The fuzz circuit uses BC 109 germanium transistors which are the same ... more

Hofner President 1959 - completely original and superb condition.



Hofner President I have a collection of Hofners which I have owned for many years because they are just lovely looking guitars and also are very good playing guitars too. But as I have rather a lot of guitars in my collection I am beginning to reduce the number somewhat reluctantly, but its now necessary. This Hofner President is in an amazing condition in every way - it has had a very good life and has been taken care off from the beginning of its life and consequently is beautiful. It is ... more

Vintage Höfner Hoefner 4579 Les Paul Style Semi Hollow



Versteigere hier meine schöne Höfner 4579 Gitarre aus den späten Sechzigern. Das seltene Instrument befindet sich in gutem Zustand und ist voll funktionstüchtig. Privatverkauf unter Ausschluss von Sachmängelhaftung und Rücknahme. Viel Erfolg !... more

1959 Hofner President Natural Blonde - Excellent Condition!



1959 Hofner President Natural Blonde This is a vintage 1959 Hofner President electric guitar in Excellent condition. The President was Hofners top of the line archtop and was distributed in Great Britain by Selmer from France. George Harrison played one when he joined the Beatles. Carved spruce top and laminated maple back and sides. Binding on the body and neck, inside the f-holes and on the headstock. One non original tuner bushing. Compensator tailpiece. 2 original black bakelite adjustable ... more

Vintage Hofner pickup Club 40 / 50, Commitee, London125, Model 457 / S / E2, President



Lovely vintage Hofner pickup made around 1960. I acquired this pickup in around 1968 with my first guitar which was a Beatlesque single cutaway Hofner club 40 which if I had now I would be a very happy man! Anyway I do have a "Toaster" pickup which could be the final bit you need to finish your project. Was fitted to many Hofners of that era. As you can see from the pictures it has a tale to tell and I think looks fantastic but you could always re-chrome and rewind it if you wanted to ruin it! ... more

hofner 4572 1960 / 70s’ vintage made in Germany Hollow Body Archtop



Pretty good condition Hofner, made in Germany in late 60’s / early 70’s. Fully serviced: frets polished, fretboard oiled, new strings on. It’s playing great at low action, and the neck is perfectly straight. The pailpiece has been replaced at some point (these ones usually have a bigsby style tailpiece), the knobs were changed as well. The rest is original and working perfectly. The previous owner glued the neck onto the body, this would make it very difficult to remove, but it doesn’t ... more

Hofner E2 President thinline brunette - 1964



Hofner E2 President thinline This is the best Hofner E2 President thinline model I have ever seen. It had previously been owned by someone who loved the guitar but was not a player and just kept it as a lovely collectors guitar - even maintaining it as he thought it should be maintained. It dates from 1964 and is a brunette model in a superb condition and shows only a couple of marks on it. The back is spectacular and unmarked even after fifty-five years. I acquired it some time ago and have had... more

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