Hofner Diamond single coil (1961-63)

Some guitars fitted with this pickup

1962 Hofner Verithin

The diamond motif and Hofner logo are clearly visible on the nickel plated cover. Note the four grub screws on the upper and lower edges of the surround - these hold the pickup in place. The pickup can be raised or lowered by loosening, manually adjusting and retightening these screws.

The pickup surrounds are slightly deeper at one side, to compensate for the curvature of the guitars top. Note the bridge pickup surround is taller than that of the neck. The polepieces are situated as widely apart as possible (with the coils directly beneath the poilpieces), to give as wide a tonal range as possible. The bridge and neck pickup covers, therefore, are not identical as the Hofner logo keeps the same orientation; one is not simply a rotated version of the other.

With the grub screws removed (or loosened) the pickup simply lifts out. The black plastic surround is held onto the guitar's top with two screws, and there is no route in the guitar's body to impede vibrations of the top. The black lead to the controls/output merely enters the body through a small hole in the top. The ends of the polepiece screws can be seen extending through the brass bassplate of the pickup.

The coil windings are wrapped around a grey plastic former, with this single coil then covered with red tape. The dark grey/black magnet sits just below it. The slotted-head polepieces extend from the cover through the appeture in the former and screw into a threaded bar attached to the baseplate.

With the coil moved away from the brass baseplate, the threaded metal (silver-coloured) plate to which the polepieces screw becomes visible.

List of Hofner guitar pickups

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