Hofner solid bass

Page 13 of the 1960 Selmer Catalogue

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Selmer 1960 Hofner and Futurama catalogue, page 13. Details of the Hofner solid bass. This instrument was the natural companion to the V-series solid body guitars shown on page 9 of this catalogue. Like the hollow body Hofner bass guitar on the previous page, the solid version was available with one or two of the new \"Super Response\" pickups (described on page 2) closely spaced in the neck position.

The solid basses were priced in line with their hollow-body equivalents, and was only available in Cherry Glow finish.

1960 UK Hofner solid bass price - single pickup model 45 gns., dual pickup 40 gns.

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1960 Selmer Catalogue page 13 - Hofner solid bass

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