Acoustic Golden Hofner guitar

Page 17 of the 1960 Selmer Catalog

Selmer 1960 Hofner and Futurama catalogue, page 17. Details of the the acoustic Golden Hofner. "Hofner's Masterpiece"" - the acoustic version of the Golden Hofner is identical to the electric model shown on page 3: with the same large body size (21 1/4" x 18" wide), carved spruce top, heavily figured maple sides, Grenadilla ebony fingerboard, pearl inlays and exquisitely engraved gold hardware; the obvious exception being the pickups and associated electronics, which accounted for the price difference. The acoustic version was 15gns cheaper than the electric model (80gns. vs 95 gns.).

The electric model was available as a full-body or thinline - however the acoustic version is only listed with the full-body depth of 3 1/8".

Designed to meet the exacting requirements of top flight guitarists, this Auditorium instrument, with body measurements of 13" top bout and 18" bottom bout, gives the rich tones that only the full size acoustic guitar can

1960 Selmer Hofner guitar catalog page 17 - details of the acoustic Golden Hofner guitar
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