Vox Amplifier List

Vintage Vox amps

Vox AC-4
   1964 AC-4
   1965 AC-4
Vox AC-10
Vox AC-15
Vox AC-30
Vox AC-50
Vox AC-100 Super Deluxe
Vox Foundation Bass
Vox Supreme
Vox Pathfinder V1011
Vox Pacemaker V1022
Vox Cambridge Reverb V1032
Vox Essex Bass V1042
Vox Essex Bass Deluxe V1043
Vox Berkeley II V1081
Vox Grenadier X V1091
Vox Buckingham V1121/V1122/V1123
Vox Royal Guardsman V1131/V1132/V1133
Vox Super Beatle V1141/V1142
Vox Beatle Deluxe V1143
Vox Viscount V1151/V1152/V1154
Vox Scorpion V116
Vox Sovereign Bass V117
Vox Westminster V118
Vox Westmisnster Deluxe V1182
Vox Churchhill V119
Vox Kensington Bass V1241
1965 Vox AC4

Vox amps have had a fantastic reputation from the late 1950s onwards. Their endorsements by the Shadows, and then the Beatles firmly fixed their position amongst far better established brands, and set the 'Vox sound' in the consciousness of the worlds music lovers. And Vox amps do have a great sound! Especially great for chiming chords and stabbing rhythm parts. Even today, the earlier Vox tube amplifiers are still widely used in recording studios for their wonderful tone. As the 1960s turned into the seventies, and rock music got heavier, other British amp manufacturers took the lead - notably Marshall; such amps are great for blistering lead work, but few amps can match the unique 'Vox sound' of an early-mid 1960s Vox AC30.

Early Vox amps

The story starts with Dick Denny's 15 watt AC15, which the company launched in 1958. This was followed by the 30 watt AC30 a year later in 1959.

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michael winfield Comment left 8th July 2012 16:04:35 reply
You left off AC-15 and AC-15 twins. These work better than AC-30's, Ac-50's because they compress at a much more listenable volumes. I love my AC-15 twin with silver bell celestians!



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