Vox V2 single coil guitar pickup

Early sixties British pickup, with polepieces

This Vox bass pickup was always scratchplate mounted on early British Vox guitars. Many had an engraved Vox logo (see this 1963 Vox Bassmaster for example), though, as in the 1965 Vox Clubman bass below, many did not. This is the underside of a pair of Vox chrome-covered single coils, from a 1965 Vox Clubman bass. Close up of the engraved VOX logo that adorned many (but not all) of the chrome guitar and bass single coil pickups that Vox used in the early to mid 1960s. Wiring is very simple, just a blue hot, and uncovered ground wire. The Cover simply lifts off. This is a really simple pickup: a single coil, wrapped in waxed cloth, around a central magnet. The chrome cover just pushes on. The bassplate holes are threaded for the mounting screws; the springs act as spacers between the bassplate and scratchplate.

List of Vox guitar pickups

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