Vox Shadow Parts List 1966

A list of components used in the Vox Shadow guitar

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Vox Shadow with original case

The Vox Shadow guitar, was one of the earliest models bearing the Vox marque. Like the first Phantom and teardrop models, it was produced by JMI at their Dartford plant, UK. The Shadow underwent a series of redesigns over the course of production, roughly 1962-67, starting as a simple single cutaway guitar (see this early Vox Shadow), changing to a double cutaway twin pickup model (see a late 1963 Shadow), and finally to three pickups (see this 1964 Shadow).

This 1966 part list was distributed by the Thomas Organ Company to dealers in the US. In the early to mid 1960s Vox solid-body production was entirely in the UK and these guitars were exported worldwide. Due to the popularity of the brand and huge demand placed on the Dartford plant, production for the US market was moved to Italy. The Shadow was replaced by a very similar Italian-built model the Spitfire. This parts list refers to the latest three-pickup incarnation of the Shadow, with black plastic control knobs; although many Shadows exported to the United States at this time were fitted with the aluminium knobs more usually seen on higher end models like the Phantom.

Follow the links in the document, to see further details of individual parts, or see other Vox parts lists/component details here.

1966 Vox Shadow parts list
Vox (JMI) V2 pickup Vox (JMI) metal control knobs Vox (JMI) black plastic control knobs

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