Fender advertisement (1977)

The Leather-Lunged, Multi-Voiced Super Twin (Twinipithecus Fender)

Fender Super Twin amplifier

Fender advertisement (1977) The Leather-Lunged, Multi-Voiced Super Twin (Twinipithecus Fender)

One of the smallest of the species Amplifier Electrica, the Super Twin amp is found wherever the musical climate is hot and sultry. It is particularly fond of prodding animusicals such as Stratocastus Fender to project their wildest and most full-throated calls until the very treetops sway.
Highly mobile, the Super Twin travels in bands bover distances with much greater ease than it’s more cumbersome cousins and, thanks to energy giving tubes in it’s chest cavity, cavorts long after others have burned themselves out.
The Super Twin is a creature of many moods. Sustained melodic cries are followed by sounds impossible to describe. Even when domesticated, the simple movement of a human foot creates startling effects of harmonic distortion and equalization.
Warning: the Super Twin’s boundless energy is highly contagious and is known to cause humans to howl endlessly with delight

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